We’ve raised a $11M Series A led by Sequoia Capital India!
We’ve raised a $11M Series A led by Sequoia Capital India!

Change is the only constant in a cloud environment. The number of microservices is constantly growing and each of these is being deployed several times a day or week, all hosted on ephemeral servers. A typical customer request depends on at least 3 internal and 1 external service. It’s a densely connected web of systems.
Any change in such a connected system usually introduces a ripple. It’s incredibly hard to understand these impacts. Alert fatigue, tribal knowledge of failures, and manual correlation across 10s of dashboards is painful and takes a lot of time.

The Last9 Reliability platform unlocks end-to-end maps (call graphs) for microservices and provides change intelligence. It helps answer these everyday questions for engineering teams, instantly:

  • What went wrong
  • Did we change anything
  • How do we prevent it

Users love the fact that now, they have a map of all dependencies in addition to out-of-the-box tracking of their key SLIs. Being able to trace which tenant got affected instantly. The fact that all this happens without an agent, makes it extremely easy to adopt across all systems.

The Next Generation of Engineering Teams are using Last9 for their Reliability

Some of the best engineering and DevOps teams today—from early teams to growth-stage companies—use Last9 to measure, track, and improve software reliability.

Last9 has helped Yieldstreet identify, track, and understand the most important metrics impacting our investors with data our microservices services were already generating. We can resolve issues faster and reduce our team’s alert fatigue.

— Azret Deljanin, VP of Infrastructure and Security

Last9 is currently working with large-scale customers across US and Asia to build best-in-class software that works seamlessly. For example, they have been the platform of choice at the largest streaming platform for the Indian Premier League—a cricket tournament seeing 5M+ requests per second and 30M+ concurrent viewers.

Partnering with Sequoia Capital India

Last9 was part of the Sequoia Capital India’s Surge programme and we’d raised $2M from them and Better Capital in April 2020. Today, we’re taking this partnership further with Sequoia Capital India leading our $11M Series A along with Better Capital and other angel investors.

The value proposition of Last9 is simple and very powerful. The cloud has led to an explosion of infrastructure data. This has made an engineer’s job of understanding dependencies to pinpoint a root cause that much harder. Last9’s secret sauce of building a map of the company’s architecture allowing companies to do this quickly has seen strong reception from marquee customers. Nishant and Piyush are amongst the strongest SREs in our region and we are excited to double down on our partnership with them and the Last9 team.

— Harshjit Sethi, Managing Director

Building the Step-Ladder to Reliability

We believe that each organization’s journey to better reliability needs a step-ladder—going to their next 9 one-step-at-a-time; a step-ladder that Last9 uses to enable our customers to make running systems at scale fun and embarrassingly easy!
We’re excited to use our Series A to continue developing our Reliability platform and bringing it to engineering teams across the world!

If you’re tired of how poorly your tools enable your team to gain visibility into your microservices and respond to incidents, join teams like Disney+ Hotstar, Yieldstreet, Skit, Arria, and many more on their reliability journey. Schedule a demo here.

We’re also adding fantastic folks to our team! While we’ve got hubs in Pune and Bengaluru in India, and Mountain View in the USA—a fair amount of us are spread across the two geographies and we’re hiring in the US as well. Check out our current openings here.

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SRE with Last9 is incredibly easy. But don’t just take our word for it.